X-Store second generation secures your warehouse

The X-Store system is designed to give you easy and secure access to your warehouse. The second generation offers a number of benefits and improvements. This includes a dedicated ceiling solution, easy independent removal of adjacent panels and a single post that can used in three different directions - including corners!

Our X-Store 2-0 products

Read our X-Store 2.0 brochure here!

    • New fast and unique way to attach panels to posts

    • Wide range of locks and doors (same range as for Axelent X-Guard)

    • Remove a panel without affecting the adjacent panels

    • Build right up to the ceiling

    • Available in SnapperWorks

    • Modular concept – custom height and width

    • New floor fitting design – combine with posts of standard height for cost efficiency

    • Flexible posts – build in 3 different directions, including corners

    • Easily adjust the height of each panel individually

    • New joint for easier and stronger vertical constructions

    • Clearly marked entrances and exits with different wall and door panel colours

    • Made-to-measure installations with cutting kits and adjustable panel inserts
    • Ceiling in unlimited length, max. width 6 m



Downloads X-Store 2.0