Our industrial walls are now available in an additional height


Have your company grown to fast and you have lack of space? Today, everything is about streamlining as much as possible and that the end result requires as little space as possible. Many of the companies has lack of space but need to increase their storages. Often they end up choosing to invest in a mezzanine plan - an efficient and economical solution.

A mezzanine provides in an efficient and economical way expanded areas in warehouses, offices and production. With a mezzanine, you give your premises an extra floor and it is easy to expand and has great flexibility.


When installing a mezzanine floor, you also need to think about the safety measures that need to be applied:

  • Do you need to use the surface under the mezzanine and is there a risk that someone may climb between the safety fence and the mezzanine floor?
  • Is there a risk of an object being thrown out or in between this space?
  • Is there a risk that someone may fall from the mezzanine?


Many of the mezzanines that are used in the industries today have a height of about 3000 mm from the industry floor to the floor of the mezzanine. Companies can then use the space under the mezzanine for warehousing, storage or placement of machines. The challenge with this is to be able to secure the environment so that an accident with the staff will not occur or that a machine being damaged.

To help companies apply these safety measures, Axelent has developed a new height for our industrial walls, which covers the entire surface between the industrial floor and the floor on the mezzanine level. With our new height, companies can minimize the risk of accidents or possible downtime of the machines.

The X-Store system, our industrial walls, is developed to give you easy and secure access to your warehouse. The system offers a number of advantages than other products on the market and we are constantly developing it with news.

Some examples of this is the possibility to add a roof, dismantle a panel without affecting the adjacent panels or to have the opportunity to build in three different directions, including corners, through one single post!

You can read more about the benefits of our X-Store 2.0 industrial wall system here

If you also need to complete your mezzanine with fall protection, we also offer this solution under the X-Rail brand.

Our fall protection system is strong, easy to install and completely modular and will meet your needs and opportunities in your workplace. Tested and approved for the following standards: DIN EN ISO 14122-3: 2016, BS 6180:2011, AS 1657:2018 and OSHA 1910.29.

Read more about our fall protection system here

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