Dejan Elezovic, Production Manager at Axelent

Is it possible to still be passionate about your job after 25 years within the same company? Our Production Manager Dejan Elezovic is a living example that it is. Here is his story.

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The year was 1995. Axelent celebrated their first five years as a company and the 19-year-old Dejan Elezovic had a scheduled meeting with Helge Axelsson, the former Chief Production Officer, at the company´s office in Hillerstorp. The meeting went as planned and the young Dejan got the job as a machine operator. His journey within Axelent was about to start.

- I remember it like it was yesterday. Especially the nice fellowship that permeated the company from the beginning. We were only twelve employees at the time, and at lunch time every day we always sat at the same table and talked, Dejan says.

But if someone back then had told him that he one day would get a chance to work as a production manager, he would probably have laughed at them. The possibility of advancing and making a career within Axelent was not an option that Dejan had in mind.

- Frankly, I probably thought that there was a greater chance of winning the lottery than getting the job I have today. But now here I stand 25 years later, with a job that I love. I couldn’t ask for more.

"Frankly, I probably thought that there was a greater chance of winning the lottery than getting the job I have today. But now here I stand 25 years later, with a job that I love. I couldn’t ask for more." 

The biggest reason why Dejan has been Axelent faithful for over a quarter of a century is, according to himself, the company’s continuous development and that no day is the same. A lot of things have been added and others have been rebuilt or developed. A dynamic environment characterized by a constant desire to improve and be at the forefront.

- I think that’s exactly what keeps me going and why I love working here. That it feels like coming to a new workplace every day.

An ordinary day at work for the production manager Dejan starts with a quick stop by the computer. Just to keep him informed and up to date what’s going on at the moment. Then he always heads down to his colleagues at the production floor, to tune in on the workflow and to be in place if, and when, something unexpected should happen. But also, to build the team spirit.

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- The best thing about my job is the personal contact and the interaction with people. We are a multicultural company with many amazing people, strong individuals and widely diverse personalities. An important part of my job is to communicate and make people talk to each other and ask things. This contact and communication between people is extremely important at a workplace.

There is no doubt that he and the rest of the company have succeeded in the challenge of bringing people closer together. Despite strong wills, different cultural backgrounds and personality types. The production team is today a well-welded team that is permeated with tons of experience, knowledge and friendship.

- I think it is the unique business culture here at Axelent that makes us so successful. Everyone helps and we really work for each other like a team or a large family. And that is a huge strength, Dejan concludes.

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