Double Hinge Door – Suitable for passage with wide goods


From our range of safety doors, the double hinge door is a practical solution that enables a larger opening than a single hinge door and therefore is suitable for passage of wide goods. The opening dimensions are governed by the choice of door leaves, which in turn are taken from our large range of standard panels. A double hinge door is suitable when the desired opening dimensions and surroundings allow it.

Can be tailored to the customers need

Standard panels are used for the double hinge door. The mesh panels are available in 13 different standard widths, which makes it possible to build the door in 13 different widths. To use existing mesh panels from your installation makes the door easy to move and gives you great freedom of choice in placement or repositioning the door. It is possible to determine the location of the door at a late stage. Thus, no major forethought or planning is required.

Advantageous features of the door:

  • Practical solution for wide goods
  • Simple installation with few components
  • Enables to turn the door leaf in the open position
  • Easy to add locks and interlocks
  • Tailor-made solutions available
  • Can be used together with Axelent cable trays
  • Suitable for most environments and work areas
  • Cost-effective solution

Watch our installation movie!

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