Here to prevent falling accidents – the new family member X-Rail

Modularity is the key word when it comes to developing new safety products at Axelent. This is not an exception when it comes to the newly released X-Rail Fall Protection system, which is a welcome complement to the range of Axelent products.



The history behind Axelent’s new shining star – the X-Rail Fall Protection system simply is that Axelent companies around Europe started to request a fall protection system more frequently. Additionally, Axelent is geared to becoming a more complete supplier of safety solutions.

“During the last couple of years, we have seen an increased demand for this type of product. And in order to keep a full range of safety products, we started to look into the possibility of developing a fall protection”, says Mikael Ström, Product manager at Axelent.

During development of X-Rail, the product developing team have cooperated closely with the sales channels in order to create an optimized product.

Customer value is something that is constantly on our minds when developing products at Axelent. That the new fall protection, as other products, is modular is one example of value for the end consumer – it makes the products extremely easy to assemble. X-Rail’s look is designed to harmonize with the other machine protection products.

The design is similar to our other products and thereby ensures a high recognition factor in our products. The customer can easily see that X-Rail is a high-quality product from Axelent.

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But first and foremost, X-Rail is a product that will increase safety in industries by reducing the risk of objects falling and damaging machinery, and of course it will prevent people at work from falling or being injured by falling objects.

“X-Rail is placed as a protection on ledges where there is a possibility that people or things can fall off the edge. The product helps to prevent fall accidents and creates security for those staying on the edge”, says Mikael.

The system is available in two different heights which ensures maximum safety.

“The customer has the choice of installing mesh, solid or clear panels depending on the nature of the installation and safety requirements – this will prevent even small objects from falling”, says Russel Harris, Managing Director UK.

The modular handrail is easily installed into the existing keyhole slots on the posts, giving the customer the choice of installing a handrail and a kneerail depending on their specific requirement. It has a quick-mounted kick plate, needing only very few installation steps. The panels have the same click function as standard X-Guard, and the X-Key is used to unlatch and change panels. X-Rail is available in Axelent’s drawing program SnapperWorks where customers can easily create a drawing and a quotation on their project. If customers wish to import Axelent products into their own drawing, they are available as STEP-files.




To meet global requirements and ensure that X-Rail can be used by Axelent’s customers internationally, it has been tested against 4 different standards; European, Australian, UK and US.

X-Rail can really make a difference in industries that install mezzanines (walkways with height differences to ground level) and/or that supply products for this type of construction. The system’s modular design can be used with or without panels mounted between the posts. X-Rail is easy to connect to the existing X-Guard Classic range, making it a product  long-waited for, and hopefully much appreciated.

“The X-Rail system is completely new to the market. It not only gives the customer a huge factor of safety, it also saves them money and opens up a world of choice that has not previously been available”, says Russel.

Welcome to the family, X-Rail!

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