Safer warehousing with SafeStore from Axelent

Warehouse interiors company EAB has helped Nowaste Logistics to improve its storage facilities. With SafeStore anti-tip protection and more from Axelent, they've created a smarter and safer working environment. 

Nowaste Logistics offers tailored logistics solutions to companies in various industries and segments. Customers include Sweden's largest fruit and vegetables wholesaler, one of the leading hardware store chains and furniture companies.

Since being founded in 2008, Nowaste has grown into one of Sweden's foremost third-party logistics providers with some 500 employees. On behalf of its customers, each year the company handles 55 million packages and 4.2 million pallets with a total value of over SEK 8.5 billion.

Such large quantities of goods mean strict demands on smart and safe warehousing solutions. So, Nowaste hired EAB to help to make the most of its storage facilities and to adapt the racking to the specifics of each facility as regards, for example, support pillars and roof beams. Among other things, several standalone racks were installed using Axelent's SafeStore anti-tip protection. This is to ensure that goods do not fall down the back of the rack, which in this case was facing a forklift aisle.

The SafeStore anti-tip protection system is based on six standard partitions that can be adapted to most modern shelving and racking systems. The partitions are mounted on brackets fitted to the shelving uprights and are then screwed together to achieve the customer's chosen height and width. The mesh panels are available with two different mesh apertures and can also be cut to size to ensure a perfect fit. This makes SafeStore equally suitable for anything from a small, manual storage room to a larger, fully automated, high-rack warehouse. Anti-tip protection ensures a safe and efficient warehouse environment with the risk of falling goods, and hence the number of incidents involving personal injuries and property damage, minimised.

In order to align the mesh panel with the top of the goods, upright support extenders from Axelent were also installed.

"Axelent is one of our regular suppliers for projects such as this. Axelent products combine high technical quality, easy installation and attractive pricing. Together with EAB's offering, we achieved a good final solution that met the end customer's requirements,"  says Magnus Ullerås, project manager and sales manager at EAB.

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