You reap what you sow

Axelent is growing in all ways. A bigger workforce, operations in more countries and expanding our premises, both here in Hillerstorp and around the world. Being forward-looking paves the way for continued growth.




Growing is part of our DNA at Axelent. That’s the way it’s always been and that’s the way it will stay. It’s nice to know that we are growing more than ever, but we will not be resting on our laurels. It’s important to remember why we are able to grow so quickly.

Nothing can grow without the right conditions

We must always bear in mind the things that facilitate our growth. It’s not only about producing more panels. We often mention our core values Speed, Safety, Service and Smart Solutions. If we grow without dimensioning the functions that underpin our business concept we will lose our footing. We must never lose sight of what made us successful and defines us as a company. Without investments throughout the operation the growing pains could prove inhibitive.




Growth is not an end in itself. For us it’s the result of more customers wanting our products and more countries wanting to sell them. We think this is wonderful.

Finally, we should never ignore the importance of giving our employees the chance to grow. There is a good example of this here in an interview with an employee called Nikodemus Emanuelsson. When individuals grow is when you reap the greatest reward.

Mats Hilding, Axelent AB

Mats Hilding, MD, Axelent AB

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