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Swedish machine guards are popular down under

Ellisco is a New Zealand company specialising in industrial automation, natural ventilation, lighting & components and safety. We asked Sales Director and co-owner Douglas Oliver to tell us more about the business.



Which products do you sell?

Our biggest seller is the X-Guard (2000 mm), with now increased interest in the 1400 mm high for pedestrian control walkways. X-Tray is now after many hard years of educating the market growing. Once the customer understands the total advantage of the Axelent X-Tray design, strength, and speed of installation, they forget about the lower pricing from competitors.

How many employees do you have at the company?

Ellisco has a total workforce of 18 in Auckland (Head Office + stock), Wellington, Christchurch (office + stock), Whangeria and New Plymouth.

Which markets do you focus on?

Ellisco operates in the industrial, commercial sectors throughout New Zealand. Axelent is now installed in Steel, Aluminium, Timber processing, Machine safety, Packaging, airport baggage handling, cement board, food processing and manufacturing, linen cleaning services and warehousing applications.

What are Axelent’s strong points?

Axelent's main strength is their staff and the quality product, which is renowned for its optimum performance as advertised, is easy to install and complies to the standards. The SnapperWorks software is a great selling tool, one that we use every day. The ease of changing designs and altering installed systems is another great selling feature, one that the customer appreciates
– out of the box compliance and repeatability.



What are the advantages of being part of the Axelent Group?

Continuous improvement, and always thinking about the installation, how to make it easier, faster and stronger.

How do you and your customers feel about Axelent being a Swedish company with its own production plant?

It’s great to see a high quality product still been produced from its birth place, not having manufacturing shipped off shore. We push the fact that Axelent is a Swedish company, one that contributes back to the community and its staff, the new gymnasium being one example.

What does the future hold?

With safety compliance and electricians now understanding the true cost of the installation, i.e. cost of parts, labour costs, cost of inferior products, this is leading to a positive future. We are a proud New Zealand company that was founded in 1893 and one with a well-earned name of supplying world-leading products sourced from the best. Supporting the customer through the sales process to the installation and after sales support.


Auckland, New Zealand's largest metropolitan area, is located in the north western part of North Island. In Maori the city is known as Tāmaki Makaurau and is sometimes referred to as The City of Sails due to its many sailing boats.

Roughly 1.4 million

1086 sq km

In around 1350 by Maoris and 1840 by Europeans

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