Increased storage space for faster deliveries

Haberkorn Ulmer s.r.o., Axelent’s distributor in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, has extended it's storage area by 600 square metres to provide faster deliveries.




Ivo Bierhaus Haberkorn Ulmer s.r.o.Ivo Bierhaus, Product Manager at Haberkorn Ulmer s.r.o:

“To give our customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia an even better service we’ve extended our storage area near the headquarters in Mokre Lazce, Czech Republic.

The total storage space has increased by 600 square metres, giving us more room to store our bestseller, X-Guard. All standard orders are now delivered within a week from ordering.

By standard orders we mean X-Guard in yellow and black colour at heights of 2000 and 2300 mm, together with doors and locking systems.”

The increased storage space facilitates faster deliveries of the X-Guard system. Customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia now receive their orders within a week from ordering.

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