Bangkok – the hub of Axelent’s Thailand venture

The new Thailand company Axelent SSEA Co., Ltd was founded in December 2016. We asked Managing Director Andy Kitthanasup to give us some insight into the business.




Which products do you sell?

“Our main focus is on marketing Axelent’s X-Guard and X-tray products.”

How many employees do you have at the company?

“Right now at start-up we are three employees. If the business grows as planned then we will probably need to employ a few more.”

Which industries do you target?

“We’ve set our sights on four target markets: robot dealers, System Integrator companies, end users within, for example, the food, automotive, packaging and agricultural industries, and government projects and the like.”

What are Axelent’s strong points?

From a personal point of view, I think it is a mixture of several things, but to name a few: access to inhouse research and development, unique product qualities, a strong brand, a skilled workforce and well-oiled teamwork.”




What are the advantages of being part of the Axelent Group?

“We in Thailand are proud of being part of one of the best multinational companies. It's a great advantage to be part of a well-oiled network of global sales where we are constantly growing in terms of business value.”

How do you and your customers feel about Axelent being a Swedish company with its own production plant?

“That’s not a problem at all. Axelent offers high production standards, good product quality and overall a good and reliable system.”

What does the future hold?

“I hope to see Axelent’s outstanding and strong brand gain ground in this part of Asia. The conditions are definitely in our favour.”

Facts Bangkok (Krung Thep Maha Nakhon)

Population: roughly 15 million.

The city has been Thailand’s capital since 1782. The cityscape is a potpourri of modern skyscrapers, shanty towns, palaces and about 400 temples.

Several global groups have HQ in Bangkok and their production and logistic-hubs in Thailand; for example, Toyota, Michelin, Philips, Sony, Compaq, Tesco and so on.

The Axelent SSEA office and warehouse are in Bangkok, but the products are sold all over Thailand and in neighboring countries in south and south-east Asia.

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