Cable trays for the food processing industry

Safety and hygiene are of paramount concern in the food industry. For Axelent, a supplier of products to the food industry, the focus is on meeting these demands with qualitative, easy-to-clean surfaces and tailored solutions. Let us take a closer look at Axelent’s smart X-Tray range of cable trays for the food industry.

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X-Tray’s hallmark is the combination of strength, flexibility and ease of installation. Attractive qualities indeed for a cable routing system. In addition to this, Axelent’s cable trays boast the longest supporting bracket distance on the market.

“We have invested heavily in the food industry with our cable trays,” explains Daniel Filipsson, Product Manager for X-Tray at Axelent. “In a warehouse, for example, stainless material is not a requirement, but food handling environments have stringent demands on the use of stainless and acid-resistant fixtures and fittings that facilitate cleaning.

Cables are needed everywhere, in all the rooms and to all the machines. If you pull a cable routing system through a production facility in the food industry, the various demands that are placed on hygiene become clear, as do the differences between, for example, production and packaging premises. The highest demands are found within the production process and are met by X-Tray through the use of stainless and acid-resistant materials. Design also plays an important role.

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One prime example is our cable tray with a 30 mm edge that can be installed side up. It’s easier to keep clean because it’s designed for a layer of cables and has fewer surfaces that accumulate dirt and bacteria compared to a cable tray with the opening upwards. Then we have our special Z-Tray, where the cables run like on a slalom course. The cables are loose to facilitate all-round cleaning and to give easy access to where dirt gathers, such as near cable ties. The cables stay put in Z-Tray thanks to the clever design. This is the latest and most hygienic method,” says Daniel Filipsson.  

“The hygiene demands can be met in several ways with well-designed products and the right installation that facilitates cleaning. This is where Axelent’s experience comes in. And, of course, our wide range.”

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The surface treatment for the food industry, is it always stainless and acid-resistant materials that are used? 
“Yes, it's stainless 304 and acid-resistant 316 that are used to meet demands, but electrogalvanized is fine if you don't need to clean often or use strong solvents.”

Are measurements taken on bacteria in the food industry? 
“Measurements are taken in the premises continuously, to which we adapt our products. Easy-to-clean, round surfaces without 90 degree bends are preferable, along with fully welded seams, as this reduces the number of pockets for bacteria-forming water and dirt to collect.”

Are there other things to consider, where Axelent’s know-how and experience comes to the fore, with regard to supplying alternatively installed products to and within the food industry?
“Sufficient space from walls and machines for brackets, 50-100 mm, to make it easier to clean behind and between all installations. X-Tray has several hygiene-adapted brackets and fixings for this. X-Tray also has several welded bracket and tray solutions that reduce the number of brackets and bolts for the most hygienic installation.”

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