Historical performance at the World Championships in Lahti by Johannes Rydzek



The German Johannes Rydzek wrote history at the World Championships in Finnish Lahti and won four gold medals in the Nordic Combined events. He did it by winning two individual titles, and two as a part of the German relay team. He is the first athlete ever to win four gold medals in one competition. And in summary, with six gold medals he has broken all records!

Johannes Rydzek has been sponsored by Axelent GmbH since 2015. At the World Championships in Falun, Sweden, Rydzek became double World Champion in Nordic Combined. This year in Lahti he won four gold medals. All of them with the X on his ski jumping skis!

Johannes Rydzek Lahti Johannes Rydzek winner in Lahti
Photo: IBL Photo: John Lazenby/Lazen byphoto.com

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